• Thinker Rabbit is canceled. Grade Builder: Geometry is canceled. Madeline is canceled.

• The American Girls Premiere and The Oregon Trail 3rd Edition: Pioneer Adventures are released.


• October: TLC acquires Creative Wonders from Electronic Arts and Disney for roughly $63 million.



• Success Builder: Math Library, The American Girls Premiere: 2nd Edition, and Amazon Trail 3rd Edition: Rainforest Adventures are released.

• ClueFinders’ Club Kit leverages work done for a possible American Girls Story Creator product.


• Oregon Trail III DVD is released.


• March: TLC acquires MindScape.

• June: TLC agrees to acquire Brøderbund for .8 TLC shares for each Brøderbund share. Pleasant Company announces purchase by Mattel, Inc.

• TLC acquires SofSource and Virtual Makeovers ($11 million each for Cosmopolitan and Essence CDs).

• October 2: Announcement of the TLC/Minneapolis site closing comes at 10:30 a.m.  in Muncher Hall, from Gib Biddle.

• October 20: Taco-Taco Day, the fifth taco lunch (and this one was FREE) in Muncher Hall.

• December: TLC acquires Palladium Interactive.

• Greg Bestick gives his corporate presentation to assembled staff members. No questions were asked.

• December 16: MECC/TLC Celebration, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”



• TLC/Minneapolis will be closed.


• Oregon Trail 4th Edition and Road Rally (official names pending at press time) will be released.Add Element

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