• MECC now supports school microcomputer networks. Current copy protection is not network compatible.

• Apple II—Processing Words, Writing a Narrative, Writing a Character Sketch, Nutrition and Food Groups, Getting Ready to Read and Add (French version).

• IBM—The Three R’s of Microcomputing (The Glass Computer), Electronic Money, Blissymbolics: Blissymbol Concepts, and Teaching Assistant (French and Spanish versions).

• Radio Shack—Word Games and Graphing.

• Commodore 64—Elementary Math Logic.

• Atari 400/800—Atari Font Editor.

• MECC enters the home software market with The Friendly Computer, Early Addition, Problem-Solving Strategies, Mind Puzzles, Path Tactics, Jenny’s Journeys, The Market Place, Sound Tracks, and Paint with Words, priced at $29.95 each.


• Apple announces the Macintosh and new versions of the Lisa. These computers feature built-in 3.5” disk drives, hi-res graphic screens, and “use of the revolutionary ‘mouse’ hand controller for user interaction with the computer.” Prices range from $2,500 to $5,500.

• Acorn conversion is begun in March.

• More new MECC Apple II products will require 64K of memory, now that all Apple IIe computers come with 64K; both Logo and Pascal require 64K. Users should upgrade Apple II and Apple II+ computers to 64K.


• MECC ‘84 “In a Good Climate for Educational Computing” at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Free product: MECC Product Index (data disk for use with the MECC Data Handler). Keynote Speaker:  Curtis Johnson (Executive Director of Citizens League). Entertainment: Dudley Riggs’ Brave New Workshop.


• MECC (now Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation) is restructured to become a public corporation wholly owned by the State of Minnesota.

• MECC begins packaging school software in white three-ring binders with diskette, backup, and support manual. Binders are “emblazoned with the new MECC logo.”



• “Top Ten” Software Products for 1984–85 School Year (units sold): Word Wizards, The Friendly Computer, Problem-Solving Strategies, Early Addition, Puzzles and Posters, Master Spell, Mind Puzzles, Jenny’s Journeys, Paint with Words, and Grade Manager.

• New Mastering Math series includes existing products (Early Addition, Circus Math, and Addition Logician) and new products (Space Subtraction, Subtraction Puzzles, Multiplication Puzzles, and Quotient Quest), as well as supplementary utilities (Diagnostic System, Management System, and Worksheet Generator). Other new products include: Word Munchers, First-Letter Fun, Contraction Action, Sky Lab, and an updated version of The Oregon Trail (now with cool graphics).


• MECC ‘85 “In Minnesota: A State of the Art for Educational Technology” at the Radisson South Hotel, November 15–19. Free product: MECC Writer. Keynote Speaker: John Sculley (president of Apple Computer). Entertainment: The Happiness Emporium


• Training and Staff Development Dept. is under contract with Apple Computer, Inc. as the principal provider of training through Apple’s Staff Development Program.

• MECC has over 4500 non-Minnesota member school districts.



• Top 10 for 1985–86 school year: MECC Writer, The Oregon Trail, Problem-Solving Strategies, Grade Manager, Puzzles and Posters, Computing Tools: AppleWorks (training guide), Word Wizards, Teaching Writing with a Word Processor (training guide), EZ LOGO, and Paint with Words.

• Parents’ Choice Gold Award winners: First-Letter Fun, Word Munchers, Number Munchers, and Show Time.


• Two new Unix-based Plexus computers in Software Development are used for developing assembly language routines.

• MECC is redesigning nine software packages for the Commodore 128.

• MECC software can now take advantage of Apple IIe machines that have as much as 128K of memory, even though the programs still only require 64K.


• MECC ‘86 “The Conference That Can’t Be Copied” at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, November 21–25. Free product: Number Munchers. Keynote Speaker: David Porter (president of Carleton College).


• November: Apple Computer, Inc. has contracted with MECC to provide special training events around the country for Apple’s educational customers.

• MECC had the greatest number of highly-rated programs in the 1985 and 1986 editions of Only the Best, a well-known software guide.Add Element

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